Disability Insurance

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Disability Insurance for Physicians

Physicians Disability Insurance Guide

Protecting Your Future Income

As a physician, you have a unique skill which is rewarded with the potential of a comfortable income and lifestyle for yourself and your family. A comprehensive disability insurance policy can protect your income potential in the event that an injury or illness prevents you from working in your medical specialty.

Working With Our Firm

At MR Insurance Consultants we work with physicians to compare and obtain individual disability insurance policies tailored specifically to each physician’s unique situation. Unlike many insurance agents, our firm represents multiple insurance companies and with no particular bias toward a single provider. Our independent opinions and recommendations are a result of the experience we have in servicing physicians with regard to income protection.

Start Here: Complete Our 5-Step Process

This simplified 5-step process provides physicians a complete review of individual disability insurance.

  1. Step 1 IMPORTANCE OF Disability Insurance
  2. Step 2 POLICY INFORMATION for Disability Insurance
  3. Step 3 PURCHASING Disability Insurance
  4. Step 4 COMPARING Disability Insurance
  5. Step 5 REQUESTING A Disability Quote