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Disability Insurance Articles for Physicians

disability insurance articles

MR Insurance Consultants believes in educating interested consumers and providing the details needed to make an informed decision. Considering that you will likely maintain your individual disability insurance for the duration of your career, you should be confident with your decision. Below are a series of personally written disability insurance articles intended to assist you during your research and purchasing process.

“The Best Disability Insurance for Graduating Resident Doctors” Disability insurance is an important issue for young doctors, but also one that can take a great deal of time to research and understand. In an effort to simplify disability insurance for doctors, this article provides an outline of the most important policy features for graduating resident doctors.

“The DOs and DON’Ts of Buying Disability Insurance for Physicians” Beginning early in their careers, physicians are commonly coached into purchasing individual disability insurance during training or shortly after. Regardless of the reasoning for this, physicians should follow basic guidelines in order to avoid purchasing coverage that does not provide adequate income protection. This article highlights six DOs and DON’Ts for physicians to consider when purchasing individual disability insurance.

“Applying For Disability Insurance During Medical Residency” When applying for individual disability insurance, new physicians are provided with Special Limit Programs which are specifically designed for the unique needs of the medical professional. This article aims to explain the individual disability insurance benefit amounts for which physicians should expect to qualify based on Special Limit Programs, when applying during or shortly after medical training.

“Personal Disability Insurance for Federal Government Physicians” Disability insurance can be a complex topic as it is, but for Federal government physicians, it can be even more confusing. This article explains the disability benefits provided to government workers through FERS and discusses the importance of an individual disability insurance policy for Federal physicians.

“Things to Know When Buying Disability Insurance” All too often people try to buy disability insurance using similar strategies to those used when purchasing a car. However, it is important that when you buy disability insurance, you know what to look for other than just the cost. This article provides a list of important keywords to look for along with other insights that help facilitate the purchasing process.

“Save, Using Disability Insurance Discounts” Today more than ever before, consumers interested in obtaining individual disability insurance are aware and looking for discounts. This article provides a review of available discount programs, including the “Power of Three”, which many consumers are not aware of.

“Don't Wait on Purchasing Disability Insurance” One of the most common mistakes that people make is waiting too long to apply for disability insurance. This article discusses some of the advantages of applying while young and healthy. It also includes examples of recently paid claims, where claims were made shortly after the policy was purchased.