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Disability Simplified

Disability Insurance for Accountants

disability insurance for accountants

While your work as an accountant or CPA may not be as physically demanding as other professions, your financial well being is still dependent on your ability to work, which is why disability insurance remains an important issue for consideration. The good news, is that accountants and CPAs qualify for the most comprehensive policies available, at the most favorable pricing classifications. For personalized information, call 800-817-4522 or submit a quote request today.

Disability Insurance Policy Specifics

Not all disability insurance policies are the same, and understanding some of the more important differences is critical to ensure that you purchase a worthwhile policy. For assistance in exploring your options, call us or submit a quote request. Below is a list of important key terms to look for. Our firm can assist you in reviewing and comparing these key provisions amongst the various options available to you.

Where To Start

Individual disability insurance is a medically and financially underwritten product for which not everyone will qualify. The first step in applying for disability insurance is to call us at 800-817-4522 or submit a quote request. One of our financial representatives will contact you, review your personal circumstances and help you apply for the most appropriate policy based on your individual needs and budget.

Disability Insurance For Your Clients

Disability insurance is important for any professional who is not independently wealthy. Being that you work with other professionals in regard to their finances, there are likely many situations where your client is in need of income protection. If you are interested in discussing options for your clients, please contact us.